The Original SnugSlips

The comfiest "in-between" shoes

  • 100% Waterproof for a mess/stain free shoe

  • Extremely comfortable cushioning to prevent foot pain

  • Flexible material that will last you decades (+Eco-friendly!)

  • Minimalist shoe that works with any outfit

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Original SnugSlips

SnugSlips are the ultimate "in-between" shoes for any occasion. These were made specifically forexhausted parents, 9/5 workers, and anyone who wants one shoe that does it all!

What are SnugSlips

At first glance these might look like goofy looking slippers, but once you put them you'll be on your way to ordering your next 3 pairs!

SnugSlips are stink-free slides that will make your feet forget what the ground feels like. These shoes are:

  • Perfect for sensitive maternity feet

  • Casual for brunch, Comfy for soccer practice

  • Extra cushiony for maximum pain relief

  • Made from anti-chafe material for no-sock use

Non-Slip Soles for Support

With these shoes, you can catch up to your kids when they drive you up the wall! No, but seriously...

SnugSlips have high-quality grip that makes them the best slipper for messy floors. Whether it's up and down the stairs or going out back, you can wear these shoes everywhere without a worry in the world!

These are the ultimate shoe for gym lovers, casual loungers, and anyone who hates having too many shoes that you'll never wear.

Whether these are your weekend go-to's or your everyday "taking out the trash" shoes, one thing's for sure: You'll never want to take them off.

Wash and Dry in an Instant

Whether it's a simple scuff mark or messy situations on the daily, you need a shoe that can keep up. These slides are 100% waterproof, scuff resistant, and puncture proof.

Having a pair of cleanable shoes is ESSENTIAL for new moms and dads. The second a baby starts crawling, they'll search for anything to put in their mouths... So at least let it be clean!

You can wear SnugSlips for 10+ hours and forget they're even on.

No more aches, pain, or stress

There's a reason for the thick sole... We swear! Not only does it provide extra cushion but helps with the following common pains you may experience on a day-to-day basis:

  • Foot/toe cramping

  • Lower back and hip pain

  • Sore feet that leads to aching calves

  • Swollen feet from excess pressure building up in your soles

SnugSlips aren't really a pair of shoes... They are an investment in yourself. Keep your body happy and healthy by starting from the ground up!

See what others are saying!

"Being a mother is hard... but being a mother in pain is even harder. I used to walk around barefoot all day long and didn't think much of it... That is until I put on my first pair of SnugSlips. After literally just 1 day, these shoes paid for themselves. They are the comfiest, squishiest, and cutest slides that I wear everywhere I go. I don't think I'll ever go back to normal shoes after wearing these babies!" 

On M. | Size 6

"My friends sent me a picture of these shoes as a joke, but the second I bought them the rest of them followed. Now whenever we all get together with our matching shoes, it's an inside joke"

Tracy C. | Size 7

What you'll be getting

We know that if you could try these on right this second, you'd end up getting a pair for the whole family! By ordering today, you will receive:

  • Free 7-10 Day Shipping 

  • 30 Day Cushion Test Trial 

  • Limited Time 55% Family Bundle

There's absolutely no reason not to try SnugSlips! Worst case scenario, you send them back. Best case scenario, you have the comfiest shoes on the planet!

Original SnugSlips

The comfiest shoes made for parents


Free 7-10 Day Shipping 

We know that once you put them on, you'll be hooked. BUT! If you don't, we offer a 30-day walking trial + $0 return fees

Limited Time Family Bundle

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