Original Snug Slips

The "in-between" shoe

765 Verified Reviews

  • 100% Waterproof for a mess/stain free shoe

  • Extremely comfortable cushioning to prevent foot pain

  • Flexible material that will last you decades (+Eco-friendly!)


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SnugSlips are the comfiest, all-around best slipper/sandal replacement. 

You deserve the best...that's why we're here!

What are SnugSlips?

If you combined memory foam running shoes, trendy summer sandals, and high quality camping boots, you'd get SnugSlips! What does that mean?

  • SnugSlips are made from a super cushion material that makes your feat feel like you're walking on clouds

  • They are 100% waterproof, meaning any dirt can be washed off in a flash. No mess, no stains!

  • Like hiking boots, they are made to last. The only time you'll buy another pair is when you want a different beautiful color!

Why they're worth every penny (and probably more)

At first glance, you may be thinking "Why are these so big... are they even worth it?". The simple answer is a stupendous YES! Here's why these aren't your average Joe shoes
  • SnugSlips prevent foot cramping and ease leg pain

  • Say goodbye to STINKY sandals... Where your SnugSlips rain or shine without worrying about ruining them.

  • With a thick sole, they prevent anything from piercing your foot

Instant Pain Relief 

The oversized bottom layer and fancy material isn't just for show... Wearing these pair of slides will help heal your body.

  • They help arch your foot in the proper position for less strain on your feet, knees, and lower back.

  • The perforated grips help your foot maintain stability while keeping them snug on your feet

  • Made from anti-chafe material for extra comfiness and cushion for a luxury experience

Who needs SnugSlips?

Everyone...Duh! These are the ultimate shoe for Netflix bingers as well as gym lovers who want to make their feet happy before and after a workout sesh.

Lounging shoes, Casual slips, Pain relieving slides... All in one!

Whether these are your weekend casual slips or everyday "taking out the trash" shoes, one thing's for sure: You'll never want to take them off.