The Original SnugSlips

The ultimate "in-between" slips

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  • 100% Waterproof for a mess/stain free shoe

  • Extremely comfortable cushioning to prevent foot pain

  • Flexible material that will last you decades (+Eco-friendly!)

"I seriously think about these shoes all day while I'm standing at work" - Shelly C.

Lounging shoes, Casual slips, Pain relieving slides... All in one!

SnugSlips are made with super cushion material that is made to last you a lifetime. It's time to throw away your plastic, ripped up Crocs and say hello to the comfiest, stink-free shoe on the block.

Thick Sole for Extra Comfort

With an oversized sole, SnugSlips are the ultimate shoes for preventing foot cramps and easing leg pain. These therapeutic slides will cradle your feet every single day!

These are perfect for:

  • Wearing to the gym

  • Gardening

  • "Indoor Only" Slides

  • Walks in the park

  • Lounging

Durable and puncture proof

When we say these are the best slides on the planet, it's because we went overboard... These shoes can handle a boatload of force and cushion it in the process. 

You can see how a 20 pound rock bounces off our SnugSlips like a trampoline. Imagine how your feet would feel to walk around in these bad boys! 

Instant Pain Relief 

  • They help arch your foot in the proper position for less strain on your feet, knees, and lower back.

  • The perforated grips help your foot maintain stability while keeping them snug on your feet

  • Made from anti-chafe material for extra comfiness and cushion for a luxury experience

You can wear SnugSlips for 10+ hours and forget they're even on.

Crazy non-slip soles for support and pain relief

You probably won't be scaling mountains with these shoes, but you COULD! SnugSlips have added support grips to help maintain posture and reduce lower back pain.

Wash and dry in an instant

Never worry about stepping in mud again! Simply run your Slips under some water for 10 seconds and watch them become good as new.

Unlike most other shoes, SnugSlips are actually hydrophobic. This means that water drips right off and doesn't soak into the shoe. This helps prevent any stains, stinky smell, or damage to your slides.

Kick back and relax

SnugSlips are comfy enough to wear all-day long without ever wanting to take them off. No more cycling between shoes all day long. Load up some Netflix and treat yourself!  

Why Choose SnugSlips?

These are the ultimate shoe for gym lovers, casual loungers, and anyone who hates having too many shoes that you'll never wear.

Whether these are your weekend go-to's or your everyday "taking out the trash" shoes, one thing's for sure: You'll never want to take them off.

Original SnugSlips

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